Single Mix & Master

A comprehensive mixing and mastering service utilizing a multitude of high end software like Antares Autotune Pro, Izotope Ozone 8, RX 7 Advanced Suite, IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 Suite, Fab Filter Pro Bundle and more to acheive a commercial level clarity and loudness for your song.


Terms and Conditions:


1. Includes 4 free revisions, each revision afterwards is $15


2. It's recommended that stems are provided for the best sound quality but CAN mix bounced single track as well.


3. All stems sent must be the same length so that they can be properly lined up, if you need to contact your engineer for stems let them know to bounce each track for the full length of song so that each track i.e bass, kick, etc are the same length.


4. Turn off any and all plugins on each stem when bouncing, if you need to contact your engineer let them know to turn off all plugins so that each stem is completely raw.


5. Song will be delivered within 2 days or less of purchase as a WAV file. The project session is NOT available for delivery. 


Single Mix & Master